Bleaching powder 500gr

Bleaching powder 500gr



Bleaching powder that respects the structure of the hair lightening hair optimally. The delicate bleaching action doesn't irritate the scalp and ensures maximum performances in the hair bleaching even for thin and fragile hair. The compact formula prevents from volatility, resets harmful inhalations and the dispersion in the environment. The powder is easy to mix: the cream obtained presents an exceptional uniformity, doesn't blow up and dry and remains hydrated during the application time. Its intense bleaching action lightens up to 6 tone levels.

How to use: mix in a non metallic container 1 part of bleaching powder and parts of peroxide – 10 volumes 20 volumes 30 volumes 40 volumes. Apply on dry hair and let the cream act up to the desired tone. Rinse abundantly and use a delicate shampoo.






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